All photos by Qbertplaya

On November 10 Brooklyn Bazaar hosted a great duel headlining set from both EMA and The Blow, as well as an opening performance from New York’s Gold Dime.

Both acts were touring in support of new records, with EMA releasing her new album Exile in the Outer Ring via City Slang and The Blow self-releasing their new album Brand New Abyss.

Our photographer Qbertplaya was there to capture photos from all three bands performances, which you can find posted in the gallery below – along with EMA’s setlist.

Gold Dime:

The Blow:


EMA Setlist:

1. Where the Darkness Began
2. I Wanna Destroy
3. Butterfly Knife
4. Satellites
5. Fire Water Air LSD
6. 33 Nihilistic and Female
7. Blood and Chalk
8. Breathalyzer
9. Receive Love
10. California
11. Marked
12. Coda

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