Toronto trio The Rural Alberta Advantage returned this year with their fourth album The Wild, which was released in October via Paper Bag Records. On November 4 the band returned to Bowery Ballroom for a performance in support of the new record (they also played at Rough Trade NYC the night before).

They gave us a 22-song set that featured new material mixed with all the expected fan favorites that had the entire Bowery Ballroom singing along throughout the entire show. The band’s recorded material is good, but seeing them live really reveals the full power and emotional connection that the band just do with so much authenticity.

Find photos and setlists for both The RAA and openers Yukon Blonde posted below.

Yukon Blonde:

Yukon Blonde Setlist:

1. Summer In July
2. Emotional Blackmail
3. Cry
4. Love The Way You Are
5. Saturday Night
6. I Wanna Be Your Man
7. Crazy
8. Hardly Even There
9. Stairway
10. Favorite People

The Rural Alberta Advantage:

The Rural Alberta Advantage Setlist:

1. Our Love…
2. Muscle Relaxants
3. Don’t Haunt This Place
4. Bad Luck Again
5. Tornado ’87
6. On the Rocks
7. White Lights
8. Stamp
9. Barnes’ Yard
10. Alright
11. Beacon Hill
12. Runners in the Night
13. Vulcan, AB
14. Edmonton
15. Frank, AB
16. Wild Grin
17. Brother
18. Terrified


19. The Build
20. Dead / Alive
21. Drain the Blood
22. The Dethbridge in Lethbridge

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