In late October we were blessed to have Portugal. The Man return back to the New York area to play another show on their most recent run of dates (including a stop at Terminal 5 this summer), this time just north of New York City at the one and only Capitol Theatre in Port Chester. They’re out on the road in support of their new album Woodstock which was released earlier this year (via Atlantic Records), and still seem to be rolling high on the popularity of their “global phenom” and “smash hit,” ‘Feel It Still’ that keeps on breaking records left and right.

Opening up the night we were treated from a set from Maybird, a New York band who hails from Rochester but currently calls Brooklyn home (and who we caught this summer at the Emerging Music Festival). The six-piece band filled the theatre up with some chilled out indie pop/rock vibes which featured some pretty great jams mixed into their set. One of the guitarists switched between electric guitar and slide guitar which really helped switch up their sound from song to song, which was the perfect fit for the venue, and the perfect fit for opening up the show.

Next up after Maybird was Oslo’s own Lido, a multi-instrumentalist and producer who was a one man band wrecking machine. At first I was weirded out as to why he was opening, but a few minutes in it was pretty clear. The mastermind behind Lido is Peter Losnegård, and if the name doesn’t sound familiar you’ve definitely heard his work before. Most recently he’s worked with Banks, Halsey and Chance The Rapper and also has worked on many other remixes that have been floating around on the radio airwaves. Speaking of remixes, he ended his set by thanking Portugal. The Man and played the remix of “Feel It Still” which had the crowd going nuts (rightfully so) and left anticipation for Portugal. The Man very, very high.

Finally the time had come for the “Lords of Portland” to take the stage and boy they did not disappoint at all. The band knows how to have a fun time in such a unique way, that they don’t take themselves too seriously, but let the music do all the talking. This was present right from the kickoff of their set, with a projected note onto the back wall of “We are not very good at stage banter, so tonights performance will feature some slogans written by our management. Thank you for your continued understanding. PTM.

The band truly shines in a live setting, showcasing their ability to interweave cover songs seamlessly into their own material and weave back and forth between the two with absolute ease. This was prevalent right from the beginning of the set when they kicked into Metallica’s “From Whom The Bell Tolls,” then ran flawlessly into Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2,” which led directly into “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.”  After that 1-2-3 punch of an opener, they played “Feel It Still,” which led to an explosion of applause and cheers from the crowd and we knew we were in for a special show.

One of the only times the band spoke to the crowd was to thank them for the continued success of their most recent album, Woodstock and just how well “Feel It Still” was doing worldwide. “We put out an album this year. It’s doing really fucking well.” stated bassist Zachary Scott Carothers, to which the crowd cheered for very loudly and enthusiastically. The song even got so popular that Miley Cyrus used it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon during the segment of Lip Sync Battle. Wild, right?

Their set included many other fan favorites as well as other sprinkles of cover songs mixed in, but for me one song has still been missing from their recent setlist’s and that is the epic album closer from 2011’s In The Mountain In The Cloud, “Sleep Forever.” It’s one of the bands best songs and it seems to have disappeared completely from their recent tour which is a letdown.

But, even with that, the band put on one of the best shows I’ve seen all year and if you missed it, you’re in luck! You can relive their entire set from The Capitol Theatre over on YouTube. The Relix team was on hand and filmed the entire set from Portugal. The Man and  you can click here to watch their set.

Find more photos from Maybird, Lido, and setlist from Portugal. The Man below:



Portugal. The Man:

Portugal. The Man Setlist:

1. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover) >> Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 (Pink Floyd Cover)
2. Purple Yellow Red and Blue
3. Number One
4. Feel It Still
5. Noise Pollution
6. Head Is a Flame (Cool With It)
7. Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)
8. Once Was One
9. Waves
10. So Young
11. All Your Light (Time Like These) > A Kilo > The Home > I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
12. So American
13. Rich Friends
14. Modern Jesus
15. Live In The Moment
16. Feel It Still (reprise)
17. Don’t Look Back In Anger (Oasis Cover)


18. Hip Hop Kids
19. Holly Roller (Hallelujah)

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