If it seems like My Morning Jacket never take a break from touring, that’s because it’s true. The Louisville rockers released The Waterfall back in 2015 and have seemingly been touring in support ever since. On July 15 they continued the run with a big time New York show at Forest Hills Stadium along with Gary Clark Jr. And who said rock music was dead?

Gary Clark Jr. got the crowd into it early on with an impressive set of songs and guitar prowess that had everyone from the crowd to all the photographers in the photo pit left in complete awe. Seeing someone as talented as Cark Jr. play is a reminder of why I never picked up an instrument – who could possibly match the talent that Clark Jr. unleashes with such ease.

Festival aside, when My Morning Jacket come to town it’s usual a multi-night run which sees them playing a unique set each night with no song repeats from a previous show. While this is definitely the sort of thing I wish bands would do more often, there will ultimately be a few songs that you want to hear that won’t get played. This was not the case at their Forest Hills show as it was their lone New York show and it allowed them to dive into what was more or less a greatest hits run, plus select cuts from The Waterfall.

On top of fan favorites like “Dondante,” “Off The Record” and “Hone Went West,” My Morning Jacket took on two Jim James solo songs. “A New Life” and “State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.),” two songs that fit in perfectly with their repertoire. Their 18-hour regular set spanned nearly two hours without a single break, before the eventual encore that featured a breathtaking run of “Wordless Chorus,” “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2,” and what else but “One Big Holiday.”

It may be some time until we see Jacket around these parts again – maybe with a new album – but considering how epic this show was on every level, we will be able to patiently hold on until their return.

Find photo galleries, as well as setlists, of both Gary Clark Jr. and My Morning Jacket posted below.

Gary Clark Jr. Setlist:

1. Catfish Blues ((Robert Petway Cover)
2. Next Door Neighbor Blues
3. Bright Lights
4. Ain’t Messin ‘Round
5. When My Train Pulls In
6. Our Love
7. Travis County
8. Numb
9. Shake

My Morning Jacket Setlist:

1. Circuital
2. The Way That He Sings
3. A New Life
4. I’m Amazed
5. Lay Low
6. Mahgeetah
7. Golden
8. Tropics (Erase Traces)
9. I Will Sing You Songs
10. Compound Fracture
11. Evil Urges
12. Gideon
13. Spring (Among the Living)
14. Dondante
15. Victory Dance
16. Run Thru
17. Off the Record
18. Phone Went West


19. State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)
20. Wordless Chorus
21. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2
22. One Big Holiday

Gary Clark Jr.:

My Morning Jacket:


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