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It’s been a long five years since we last heard from Feist, but the Canadian singer finally returned to us in April with her new album Pleasure, released via Interscope Records.

This was my first proper Feist show, as the last time I saw her it was at Bonnaroo. Town Hall was a fitting venue for this tour, as Feist starts things out by playing Pleasure, from start to finish. She ended it in style, invited fans to join her during the finale of “Young Up,” one of the most surprising stage invasions of recent memory.

Getting to hear the album in this setting made me appreciate it even more than I had from just hearing the record, giving it a whole new level of context and dimension that I have taken to all my new spins of the record. Ah, the power of the live show.

From there, Feist dove right into her greatest hits, getting the crowd off their feat for “Sealion,” “I Feel It All” and of course the encore finale of “1234.”

Find the setlist posted below, and find a few photos taken from the show graciously provided to us by Mr. Joe Saturday.

Feist Setlist:

1. Pleasure
2. I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
3. Get Not High, Get Not Low
4. Lost Dreams
5. Any Party
6. A Man Is Not His Song
7. The Wind
8. Century
9. Baby Be Simple
10. I’m Not Running Away
11. Young Up
12. My Moon My Man
13. Sealion (Nina Simone cover)
14. A Commotion
15. Anti-Pioneer
16. I Feel It All
17. Let It Die


18. Gatekeeper
19. Intuition
20. 1234

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