Thee Oh Sees have a hard-earned reputation not just as one of the hardest working bands of the game, but one of the best live bands out there. John Dwyer and his current live incarnation of Thee Oh Sees continues their two-drummer and one bassist lineup, and boy do they shred as hard as ever. This part of the tour was still technically in support of A Weird Exits (via Castle Face Records) even though their second album of the year, An Odd Entrances, would be released one week later. Dwyer operates like no other (with only Ty Segall and King Gizzard rivaling him)

This wasn’t the craziest show I’ve seen from Thee Oh Sees, and even so it will end up one of my favorite shows of 2016. Their set was yet another pummeling live performance that had me drained with sweat (most of it my own) and absolutely blown away. It’s everything live music is about, and one of the main reasons rock and roll will never die. The experience of seeing a band like Thee Oh Sees perform live is enough to keep it alive.

Find photos of their terrific performance posted below, along with Brooklyn openers Surfbort and Thee Oh Sees setlist.

Thee Oh Sees Setlist:

1. The Dream
2. Plastic Plant
3. Tidal Wave
4. Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster
5. Withered Hand
6. Dead Energy
7. I Come From the Mountain
8. Sticky Hulks
9. Encrypted Bounce
10. Web
11. Gelatinous Cube
12. Rogue Planet
13. Lupine Ossuary
14. Contraption / Soul Desert


Thee Oh Sees:

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