1_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

On May 9th I started my Brooklyn double header with a performance from English rockers Eagulls, who stopped in to preview tracks from their new album Ullages, which was released via Partisan Records.

The groups performed was locked in and heavy with English punk vibes, punctuated by the heavy saturation of Rough Trade’s lights (as usual) as classic film Metropolis was projected behind the group, only heightening the brooding vibe of the band. They’re a band meant to be seen live, where their sound is taken to new heights.

Find photos of their performance below, along with local New York rockers The Britanys, who opened up the show.

Eagulls Setlist:

1. Lemontrees
2. Tough Luck
3. Yellow Eyes
4. Nerve Endings
5. Heads or Tails
6. My Life In Rewind
7. Euphoria
8. Seconds (The Human League Cover)
9. Skipping
10. Velvet
11. Blume
12. Possessed

The Britanys:

1_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

2_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

3_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

4_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

5_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

6_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

7_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC

8_The Britanys_Rough Trade NYC


2_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

3_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

4_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

5_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

6_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

7_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

8_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

9_Eagulls_Rough Trade NYC

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