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On April 8, the ever-talented multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird finished his two-night run in New York at Terminal 5, in support of his very delightful new album Are You Serious, which was released via Loma Vista Recordings. Bird and his band combined their heightened orchestra sound to something more contemporary and rock-based, finding a strong middle ground between the two.

Opening the show was delightful Brazilian psychedelic rock band Boogarins, who kicked things off with a thunderous performance of tight musicianship and groovy, powerful rhythms, were an appreciated kick-off to a great night of music.

Find Andrew Bird’s setlist posted below, along with a photo gallery of both his set and Boogarins.

Andrew Bird Setlist:

1. Journey in Satchidananda (Alice Coltrane Cover)
2. Capsized
3. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
4. Tenuousness
5. Lusitania
6. Are You Serious
7. Truth Lies Low
8. Puma
9. Left Handed Kisses
10. Roma Fade
11. Three White Horses
12. Plasticities
13. Pulaski at Night
14. Valleys of the Young
15. Imitosis
16. Bellevue


17. Give It Away
18. The New Saint Jude
19. Armchairs
20. Fake Palindromes


1_Boogarins_Terminal 5

2_Boogarins_Terminal 5

3_Boogarins_Terminal 5

4_Boogarins_Terminal 5

5_Boogarins_Terminal 5

6_Boogarins_Terminal 5

7_Boogarins_Terminal 5

8_Boogarins_Terminal 5

Andrew Bird:

2_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

3_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

4_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

5_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

6_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

7_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

8_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

9_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

10_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

11_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

12_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

13_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

14_Andrew Bird_Terminal 5

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