1_MS MR_Studio E

All photos by Jayson Yee

On February 27, Jukely held its first Jukley Sound Projects show, a triple bill at the Studio E Warehouse featuring a electronic/dance leaning lineup featuring MS MR, San Fermin and YACHT.

Our photographer Jayson Yee was on hand to capture the evening with photos. Find photo sets of all three acts, posted below.


1_YACHT_Studio E

2_YACHT_Studio E

3_YACHT_Studio E

4_YACHT_Studio E

5_YACHT_Studio E

6_YACHT_Studio E

7_YACHT_Studio E

San Fermin:

1_San Fermin_Studio E

2_San Fermin_Studio E

3_San Fermin_Studio E

4_San Fermin_Studio E

5_San Fermin_Studio E

6_San Fermin_Studio E


2_MS MR_Studio E

3_MS MR_Studio E

4_MS MR_Studio E

5_MS MR_Studio E

6_MS MR_Studio E

7_MS MR_Studio E

8_MS MR_Studio E

9_MS MR_Studio E

10_MS MR_Studio E

11_MS MR_Studio E

12_MS MR_Studio E

13_MS MR_Studio E

14_MS MR_Studio E

15_MS MR_Studio E

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