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On October 20 the always fascinating Battles returned to New York to share new tracks off of last year’s La Di Da Di (released via Warp Records). It was my first time seeing them since catching them briefly from a far at Bonnaroo 2012, but really my first proper time seeing a full show from them since their free Summerstage show in Central park in August 2008. So yeah, it had been a while.

They mixed in a flurry of tracks from throughout their time, still hammering home fine performances of old tracks such as their classic “Atlas,” which is played live with a backing track that took some time to get used to, but by the time the band dug deep into it’s epic jam, I forgot all about it.

Brooklyn’s very own Xenia Rubinos opened the show, showing off her talented mult-faceted sound that sits somewhere between electronic and r&b. She recently singed to Anti- Records, with big things expected coming into the new year.

Find some photos from both Battles and Xenia Rubinos posted below.

Xenia Rubinos:

1_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall

2_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall

3_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall

4_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall

5_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall

6_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall

7_Xenia Rubinos_Webster Hall


2_Battles_Webster Hall

3_Battles_Webster Hall

4_Battles_Webster Hall

5_Battles_Webster Hall

6_Battles_Webster Hall

7_Battles_Webster Hall

8_Battles_Webster Hall

9_Battles_Webster Hall

10_Battles_Webster Hall

11_Battles_Webster Hall

12_Battles_Webster Hall

13_Battles_Webster Hall

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