1_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

Celebrate Brooklyn! ended their 2015 free show series at Prospect Park in style, closing things out with a glorious performance from both tUnE-yArDs and Shabazz Palaces. At first glance a strange pairing, but both artists are makers of some of the most creative music around right now. They both find ways to defy genres, creating something uniquely ahead of its time. Their performance was a true celebration not just of Brooklyn, but for music as a whole.

Find photos from both their performances that summer night posted below.

Shabazz Palaces:

1_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

2_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

3_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

4_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

5_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

6_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

7_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!

8_Shabazz Palaces_Celebrate Brooklyn!


2_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

3_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

4_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

5_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

6_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

7_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

8_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

9_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

10_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

11_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

12_Tuneyards_Celebrate Brooklyn!

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