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Run The Jewels have been on an unstoppable run since the release of their well received sophomore record Run The Jewels 2, which was released last year via Mass Appeal Records. This summer saw the duo of El-P and Killer Mike tackle nearly every music festival in America (Boston Calling included), and brought El-P back for a hometown performance in Brooklyn at 50 Kent as a part of the Northside Festival.

1_Vince Staples_50 Kent

(Vince Staples)

Not only did we get Run The Jewels, but we got a one-off performance from Sleigh Bells, who are in the midst of making a new album. Before them came up and coming rapper Vince Staples, who also impressed.

1_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

(Sleigh Bells)

Right as Run The Jewels took the stage the rain emerged from the damp Brooklyn skies, but it didn’t stop the vibes in any way, shape, or form. They still delivered a vicious set full of deathly deep bass lines and their smart trademark lines. Things got a bit emotional for El-P who was amazed at the large crowd that gathered together to watch him and Killer Mike do their thing in his very own hometown. The night became that much more special when they brought out rap legend Nas to join them on his own track “Made You Look.” Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening.

Find photos of Run The Jewels, Sleigh Bells, and Vince Staples posted below.

Vince Staples:

2_Vince Staples_50 Kent

3_Vince Staples_50 Kent

4_Vince Staples_50 Kent

5_Vince Staples_50 Kent

6_Vince Staples_50 Kent

7_Vince Staples_50 Kent

Sleigh Bells:

2_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

3_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

4_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

5_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

6_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

7_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

8_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

9_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

10_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

11_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

12_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

13_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

14_Sleigh Bells_50 Kent

Run The Jewels:

2_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

3_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

4_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

5_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

6_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

7_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

8_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

9_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

10_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

11_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

12_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

13_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

14_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

15_Run The Jewels_50 Kent

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