1_ASDIG_Rough Trade

On Saturday night A Sunny Day In Glasgow returned to New York to play a packed show at Rough Trade NYC. Support came from Wins and Ava Luna.

1_Wins_Rough Trade

The opening set was Wins’ first show ever. Wins is led by Jason Bartell of Fang Island and also consists of Cassandra Jenkins of Eleanor Friedberger’s band. Hysterically the drummers cymbal fell within 20 seconds of their set, which they pointed out and took in stride while laughing about it. It was an impressive performance, especially considering it was their first. Keep a watchful eye on Wins.

1_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

Ava Luna are no strangers to the live NYC scene, seemingly playing shows non-stop. I finally got to catch them in October when they played with Mr Twin Sister at Baby’s All Right, and they were great. They were equally as awesome at Rough Trade, bringing so many different styles of rock and roll to life with ease. They really seem to enjoy performing live, and it shows. The crowd ate them up, and rightfully so.

2_ASDIG_Rough Trade

This performance was my first time catching A Sunny Day In Glasgow live. Their new album Sea When Absent is great, an album packed with songs that are powerful emotional journeys, with multiple things happening at once. This controlled chaos of sorts was brought to life live quite well, although there was some early problems with the vocal mix. However, as they got further into the set things evened out and the band ran away with it.

Find photos of all three bands posted below.


2_Wins_Rough Trade

3_Wins_Rough Trade

4_Wins_Rough Trade

5_Wins_Rough Trade

6_Wins_Rough Trade

7_Wins_Rough Trade

8_Wins_Rough Trade

9_Wins_Rough Trade

10_Wins_Rough Trade

11_Wins_Rough Trade

Ava Luna:

2_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

3_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

4_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

5_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

7_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

8_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

9_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

10_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

11_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

12_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

13_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

14_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

15_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

16_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

17_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

18_Ava Luna_Rough Trade

A Sunny Day In Glasgow:

3_ASDIG_Rough Trade

4_ASDIG_Rough Trade

5_ASDIG_Rough Trade

6_ASDIG_Rough Trade

7_ASDIG_Rough Trade

8_ASDIG_Rough Trade

9_ASDIG_Rough Trade

10_ASDIG_Rough Trade

11_ASDIG_Rough Trade

12_ASDIG_Rough Trade

13_ASDIG_Rough Trade

14_ASDIG_Rough Trade

15_ASDIG_Rough Trade

16_ASDIG_Rough Trade

17_ASDIG_Rough Trade

18_ASDIG_Rough Trade

19_ASDIG_Rough Trade

20_ASDIG_Rough Trade

21_ASDIG_Rough Trade

22_ASDIG_Rough Trade

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