San Andreas Poster

Disaster movies! What could be more instantly gratifying than watching the world end or the city you reside in, fall to pieces? From The Towering Inferno, to the more recent 2012, disaster movies have always been void of any true material yet they will always attract audiences with great visuals and set pieces. How does one top this feat? Add a bona fide action star in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and no matter how brainless San Andreas might be, the audience will find some sort of satisfaction out of it.

San Andreas Still

The Rock plays a helicopter pilot from L.A. who has some sort of estrangement with his daughter (Alexandra Daddario). He’s from L.A., she’s from San Francisco, and a large-scale earthquake strikes. The Rock goes to San Fran to find her, along with his wife (Carla Gugino). Then there’s a scientist too smart for his own good (Paul Giamatti) who warns us that the earthquake will soon spread to the East coast. Pretty formulaic and standard for your disaster film right?

Nonetheless, the first trailer is filled with great visuals and a few thrills along the way. Director Brad Payton teams up once again with Dwayne Johnson. The last time they paired up was in 2012 for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. This tandem seems to work for great adventure pieces. Johnson, coming from the summer success of Hercules is on a hot streak and I expect San Andreas to keep fire. The Brahma Bull can’t be stopped.

San Andreas hits theaters on May 29, 2015. Enjoy the trailer below.

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