All photos by Jayson Yee

Last Monday night Montreal’s Stars stopped by for an intimate showing at Music Hall of Williamsburg in support of their newly released album No One Is Lost. This show was their second in New York in the last few month, with the band playing in Central Park in October for the first ever Modern Sky Festival.

Jayson Yee was at their show in Brooklyn last week, and got some shots of the action. Catch a photo gallery of the performance posted below.

_Stars 3

_Stars 20

_Stars 14

_Stars 1

_Stars 29

_Stars 2

_Stars 4

_Stars 5

_Stars 7

_Stars 9

_Stars 10

_Stars 11

_Stars 12

_Stars 15

_Stars 16

_Stars 17

_Stars 18

_Stars 19

_Stars 21

_Stars 22

_Stars 26

_Stars 27

_Stars 28

_Stars 30

_Stars 31

_Stars 33

_Stars 34

_Stars 35

_Stars 36

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