‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer 2

By Will Oliver, March 30th 2014 News Trailers

Jupiter Ascending Mila

The first look at Jupiter Ascending was its teaser trailer, and the trailer did its job. It teased us well. It played around with the basic plot, that a hunter (Channing Tatum) has to protect Jupiter (Mila Kunis), a special princess who has no idea how important she is to the fate of not only earth, but of the galaxy.

With the second trailer we get a more detailed looked at this world crafted by directors Lana and Andy Wachowski (The Martix Trilogy, Cloud Atlas). We also get a good look at the film’s villain, Balem (Eddie Redmayne) as well as Stinger (Sean Bean). Knowing Bean’s history in film, anyone want to take bets on how long his character survives?

Being an original sci-fi flick from the mind of the Wachowski’s, I have high hopes for Jupiter Ascending. Visually, it looks stunning. We’ll see how it all goes down when it’s released on July 18. Find the new trailer posted below (as well as the new character posters that I’ve shared above and below).

Jupiter Ascending Channing