This Saturday Arctic Monkeys will play their biggest North American show to date with a sold out headlining performance at the legendary Madison Square Garden. To no surprise, this brings me a great deal of excitement, especially considering I’ll be there taking it all in.

Playing a sold out show at the worlds most famous arena is a big deal, especially considering how hard the band has worked to capture an audience in America. This show is the ultimate payoff for the band, and it has a lot of meaning for both the band and their fans alike.

So I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. I’m asking all of you Arctic Monkeys fans out there to consider submitting a post of your own about the show and what it means to you. Whether your attending or not, if the bands big headlining show in America means something to you, feel free to share. Use this as a chance to share your excitement a fan. This is a big moment in the bands career and I wanted to stop and celebrate it before we take it all in. I’ll take all the submissions and share them in one big post before the show this Saturday.

To submit, send it to me at with Arctic Monkeys MSG as the subject. Looking forward to reading all your submissions!

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