London’s Get People have spent all of this year releasing great song after great song. When I saw that they had released yet another new single with “Back To Dust”, I nearly lost it.

The boys hit another dreamy electronic wonder out of the park, creating there one worlds of mystique and magic. Dreamy vocals and outer-worldy soundscapes paint a pretty picture in your mind, transporting your mind there for the entire duration. The production on their music is second to none. Calling this lush wouldn’t do it justice. The song was apparently inspired by a 24-hour trek through California’s Death Valley.

They are one of the hardest working new bands going right now, and it shows. Their eventual debut album is up there on my most anticipated list, for sure.

Luv Luv Luv Records will release the single on November 19. Stream the single below, and listen to b-side “Cupid’s Curse” here.

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