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Passion Pit have come so far since that first notice I gave them on this little platform of mine. Even then I would have been surprised at their transformation into one of the biggest indie juggernauts in today’s music scene.

They were given the “headline set” of the evening, and took it in full stride. Lead singer and frontman Michael Angelakos didn’t seem like his normal joyful self, and two new members were placed in the back, with Ayad Al Adhamy no where in sight (he is touring with The Go! Team). These are factors that would impact most bands, but Passion Pit aren’t most bands. They are a young group, hungry, and full of colorful songs that have never once seemed old or trite in my mind.

Anything of Manners got the proper reaction from the crowd. The two songs we’ve heard from the upcoming Gossamer (“Take A Walk”, “I’ll Be Alright”) did their job live, but “It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy” was disappointingly flat. Given, it was only their 2nd time playing it live, so don’t judge it yet.

Energy and minor vocal issues aside, the band did the job and put on a show. “Sleepyhead” and “Little Secrets” came in and closed the set in proper fashion.

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