Firstly, let me apologize to Adam Smith for the delay on this post. Adam goes by the moniker The Kodaks when he’s making music. He sent me an e-mail with a few of his tunes back in April, and I had left my post in my draft inbox, not realizing I never posted his stuff. I have a stomach bug right now, so I have some time on my laptop to catch up on posts.

The Kodaks are a indie band based out of Detroit, Michigan. When listening to their debut self titled EP Kodaks, I thought of it as a bedroom songs fleshed out by a full band. Adam finds a way to combine an honest singer-songwriter approach to garage rock riffs that remind me of The Strokes.

“18” is a song from his EP that floored me instantly. Every aspect of the song just rings with brilliance. Adam’s vocals are immersed in melancholy, begging for things to go back to the way they were when he was younger. He begs over instrumentation that is sure to remind you of The Strokes best days. It’s a great piece of pop-rock that deserves to gain Adam some well deserved exposure.

Check out “18” along with another song called “Exgirls”, both are posted below:

[mp3]: The Kodaks – 18
[mp3]: The Kodaks – Exgirls

You can listen to more songs at their myspace or at their page.

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