I got many promo emails that just bore me. Most of the stuff I get bores me. I got a “Walking On A Dream” remix yesterday morning and though to myself, great, another “Walking On A Dream” remix. I really didn’t want to bother, but I try to give everything at least a few minutes of listening time. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the remix done by a mysterious band from Croatia called nipplepeople.

I emailed them back asking about them, and they were very shy about sharing their own original songs because the songs are in Croatian. They assumed it wouldn’t be interesting to American audiences. Well most close minded people would probably completely disregard the band right there. I however sensed something special about these guys. I went to their myspace and gave the 2 songs on their a listen. The songs are titled “Sutra” and “Broj”. I was completely blown away with how delightful “Sutra” was. There is nothing better than being caught completely off guard to find a treasure. That is exactly what happened yesterday when nipplepeople emailed me.

4 minutes of blissful electronic/dance music that is breathtakingly fresh. Sure you may not understand what they are saying but it doesn’t blur their ability to craft a beautiful melody through ethereal vocals and clean beats. There is just a really warm airy nature to her vocals that I can’t get enough of. The first 50 seconds of the song are pretty unbelievable. This is electronic music done right! “Broj” is not far behind it. It is a more restrained song, but still maintains a high level of quality. These guys are not amatuers to the game by any means, they sound like they have been doing this for years.

This may be one of the coolest finds of 2010, I am completely eating nipplepeople up!

Check out their myspace. They also have a blog which they say is more English friendly! Songs are posted for download below:

[mp3] : nipplepeople – Sutra
[mp3] : nipplepeople – Broj
[mp3] : Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (nipplepeople Remix)

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