Got another new Goldfrapp song from Head First for you guys. I gave you their single “Rocket” a few days ago, and now I got “Believer” for you. This is the 2nd leak from the new album, and I think I prefer it to Rocket (pretty close call though). The song title is fitting because it has a lush dreamy vibe throughout. Goldfrapp really leave a mark with this one. It could pass as an 80s classic with its light synths and satisfying bassline. But it is Alison’s sexy vocals that really set this track right. She really hits the right chord on Believer making every man, woman, and child swoon.

With two solid songs in a row, it is really making me regret never taking a deeper look into Goldfrapp before now. I will take the advice you left me in the comment section of my Rocket post and give those albums a go.

You can pre-order Head First from Play, it comes out the 22nd of March!

[mp3] : Goldfrapp – Believer

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