I guess my guess of Goldfrapp as the mysterious identity in the viral video iamamiwhoami was way off as her first single “Rocket” is already out there. It the opening song off her new album Head First. The single is a glossy take at the 80’s disco. Goldfrapps main focus is on lush synths and catchy chorus’s and the sky is the limit for them. The song is everything that you expect from a new Goldfrapp single, and I am hooked in right now!

This is one of my first few listens at anything Goldfrapp, but I really like her! I guess I gotta go find some older Goldfrapp and educate myself!

[mp3] : Goldfrapp – Rocket

“Rocket” comes out as a single on March 8th, while Head First comes out on 3/22. Keep checking Mute for pre-order offerings!

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