It’s 4:07 AM right now and insomnia is kicking my ass! I was just checking my emails and noticed that I had received a strange email 6 minutes ago. It came from a mysterious email address titled iamamiwhoami and the email title was a youtube link. The only contents of the email where the link to the same video. I clicked the video and lo and behold it’s titled “”. Faaantastic!

The video is 1:20 of  beautiful music and ambiguous images. The video was posted by iamamiwhoami and if you look at their past videos they have been posting the same type of mysterious clips!!! I believe GorillavsBear posted the first video a month back, and they have some guesses as to who it is. The most popular guess is Goldfrapp, and I can see that! However, we have no solid proof yet so it is still up in the air. Personally I am guessing Goldfrapp or The Knife. Maybe MGMT?

I am really intrigued by this, and I think this deserves some attention! Who are these guys? Who do you think this is? Is it a new artist trying to create some early buzz (which is working!)? is it a big artist giving us a tease of a new album?  is it a forgotten artist who is hinting at a big comeback? I honestly don’t have a clue but I am really interested!!!

Check it out below, please comment and tell me your thoughts! Who is iamamiwhoami ??

I posted the other two videos they have uploaded as well, after the jump!

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