Here’s Your Future: More good music! Ah, finally some good news on the Thermals. They have announced that they will release their new album “Now We Can See” on April 7th of next year. This is their first album under their new label Kill Rock Stars, after leaving Sub-pop. Get excited. Pitchfork recently interviewed the band about their new record, why they switched from the popular label Sub-Pop, and about their new drummer Westin Glass. When asked about how the recording is sounding, front man Hutch Harris said “This is hands-down our best sounding record. Thanks John! With what I think are our best songs, with our best lyrics yet, dude we are stoked!”. The Thermals have a really straightforward, catchy sound that no one can really compete with right now. God bless Oregon bands huh?

Here are two of my favorite songs from their last record “The Body, The Blood, The Machine”:

[MP3] : The Thermals – A Pillar Of Salt | (ysi)

[MP3] : The Thermals – Here’s Your Future | (ysi)


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