SION – “Old Pattern”

By Will Oliver, February 5th 2019 Electronic Listen Stream

Producer SION released three new songs last Friday, including the beautiful and atmospheric “Old Pattern,” the track we are hightling with you all today.

The track taps into some pure emotivate and touching soundscapes that paint a vivid picture, even without any vocals, outside of a spoken word sample. You’re brought on an emotional journey, one that provides a chill tone that is totally soothing and calming.

Find SION’s description of the track below, along with a stream of the track and find the other songs available to hear over at his Soundcloud page.

This song is a reminder that it’s okay to feel and it’s okay to surrender. It’s all a beautiful part of this human experience. I made this song when I was going through some stuff. I had a huge calling to make music during that time and this is what came out of it. It was a lot trusting and letting go. Even though I was feeling a lot stuff, my soul came through. Which I hope will remind everyone who listens that we are always connected in every moment no matter what we are feeling. And to never doubt that connection.Things come up not to hurt us, but to make us grow.

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