Divorce Court – “Minor Thoughts”

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Divorce Court is the project of producer Lynden Williams, who is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Described as “softwave,” he makes some chill dreamy electronic bedroom pop that certainly puts your mind at ease.

Last year we shared his single “Indonesia,” and today we hit back with the equally summer ready and dream-laden cut that is “Minor Thoughts.”

As Williams describes it, “Minor Thoughts” is a song “about self-defeating thoughts and how we are our biggest critic.” The lush arrangements push this thing towards a really divine place of being that hits all the right notes.

Enjoy a listen to “Minor Thoughts” below.

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Lonesome Heights – “This Town”

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Lonesome Heights is a Brighton-based artist who just released his brand new album Free.

“This Town” is a wonderful track off the album that shines with a familiar retro sound that feels like the sort of love-stricken love song your grandpa may have written to your grandma. It’s actually a song about loss but there’s a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy that hits the sweet spot with a strong vocal performance that really helps bring it all to life.

Find “This Town” available to stream below and the whole album can be heard here.

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Caroline Lazar – “Parking Lot”

By Will Oliver, March 24th 2019 Folk Indie Listen Stream

New York singer-songwriter Caroline Lazar recently released her new EP Honey, which features the previously shared “Only One.”

Today we return to share “Parking Lot,” another song off the EP. It’s equally as intimate and passionate, an honest reflection of nostalgia from the songwriter’s heart.

As Lazar describes it. “”Parking Lot” was written after a night of whiskey gone wrong. It is a song about constantly being in fear of not getting through the day because of the political and violent climate in our culture.”

Enjoy a listen to the track below.

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La Loye is the indie-folk project of Netherlands-based singer-songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld who has recently returned with her haunting and beautiful new single “about imagining things.”

The track is a wonderfully thoughtful track both pretty but laced with a potent amount of melancholy that hits you in all the right places. It’s a clear cut personal statement from an artist with something to say.

Here’s how she describes the song herself:

“about imagining things” portraits a drunk conversation with the inner self. I often feel like alcohol breaks certain boundaries, allowing thoughts that I’m too afraid to think of in a sober state. This can result in a sort of childish ignorance and vulnerability that washes over me, which leaves me unable understand specific parts of my mind.”

Enjoy a listen to “about imagining things” below.

Amanda Palmer

Photos and Words by Bryan Lasky

Well, this was just one of those days where you keep finding little diamonds in the rough and sort of a continuation of seeing Santigold at a tiny space. First I walked about the trade show and saw technology and ideas that would blow your mind, but the highlight was definitely stumbling on to a sloth in a tree. I mean what’s better than a sloth in a tree. From there I wandered a bit, found the Good Omens party and had some food and eventually made my way to check out the British Music Embassy. Yet another diamond in the rough found me with Jimmy Sakurai playing a pop up acoustic set. The Japanese guitarist has a movie premiering about his life this week. If you don’t know who Jimmy is, he pays homage to Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin and it’s scary how much he moves, looks, and plays like Jimmy Page. Jimmy and his band played a short five-song set including “Stairway to Heaven” and “Going to California” and unfortunately, or fortunately, there were only about 30 people in the venue to witness this amazing talent.

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Earlier this year saw Peter Sagar return with Helium, his brand new album as Homeshake, released via Captured Tracks.

The last time I saw Homeshake was two years ago at the tiny Brooklyn venue Sunnyvale, a far cry from his sold out show last night at Brooklyn Steel. Originally considered by many as an “offshoot from the former Mac DeMarco guitarist,” Sagar has proven that he is here to say and has built up a passionate audience of his own that has grown bigger and bigger with every new release.

The packed crowd at Brooklyn Steel visibly leaned young and the passionate fans were certainly vocal about their adoration of the smooth jams delivered by Sagar and his bandmates. They ran through many tracks not only from Helium but all of Homeshake’s previous releases that snugly blended into one sweet groove all night long.

Find a full photo gallery of photos from last night’s performance posted in the photo gallery below.
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Glen Hansard was in town for the Van Morrison celebration at Carnegie Hall on Thursday night and the very next night gave fans an intimate experience at Strand Book Store.

The night served as a chance for fans to listen in on an illuminating chat with journalist Alan Light to discuss his upcoming album This Wild Willing, out on April 12th via ANTI- Records. Following the chat and a q&q with fans, Hansard gave us an intimate performance of some of the new material off the album. Following his performance, he invited some young musicians from the Little Kids Rock program who performed with Hansard at Carnegie Hall, allowing them the chance to perform center stage for the very first time.

What was supposed to be a chat and quick performance turned into something much more and it just illustrates the sort of person that Hansard is, who certainly brings much more to the table than just his beautiful music.

Enjoy a gallery of photos from last night’s performance, along with the setlist.

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Santigold (and Olivia Wilde)

Photos + Words by Bryan Lasky

So on the third day of SXSW I decided to take it extremely easy. I walked around, found free food at the Land O’ Lakes pop up, the Amplify Philly House, and Uber Eats. I saw a few friends and relaxed and it was a nice way to make nonsense lost hour with the time change non-sense.

Tameca Jones

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Young British outfit Black Midi took Austin by storm last week during SXSW and rode the wave of buzz straight to New York where they played a pair of sold out shows in Brooklyn. Two nights ago they played at Union Pool and last night Alphaville, where we caught them alongside opener Eartheater.

On the strength of their live shows and single “bmbmbm” Black Midi has signed to Rough Trade Records and already opened for the likes of Shame back at home. You get a sense of just how young they are seeing them in person, with black x’s on their hands. They’re certainly still finding their sound, but live theirs something both erratic and unique about the sound they’re creating that pulls from so many different places but also feels like very much their own. They had the sold out Alphaville crowd with them the entire way, ending the show in triumphant fashion with “bmbmbm,” which got a bit of a mosh pit going during the closing moments.

We’re interested to see how their debut album turns out, as there’s a lot to unpack and digest after seeing them live, but it seems clear that these guys are going to have an adventurous next couple of years.

Find a full set of photos from both their set and Eartheater posted below.

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Photos by Dutch Doscher

Last night saw Canadian acts Dilly Dally and Chastity bring their tour to Brooklyn for a performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Both bands are touring in support of their 2018 albums, with Chastity’s Death Lust released via Captured Tracks and Dilly Dally’s Heaven released via Partisan Records

Our photographer Dutch Doscher was in attendence and captured shots of both acts, all of which can be found in the photo gallery below.

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