Sakawa Boys are a South African band that recently shared their new album, Out of the Dark. It features tracks like single “Berlin.”

It’s a song that is based on a joke about one of the members’ housemates all moving to Berlin. The track has a tight steady-handed psych and post-punk groove that persists and builds into something that soon morps into a slightly 90s Brit rock arena.

Speaking further on the track, the band adds:

It’s been a running joke amongst ourselves for a while that every artist in Cape Town eventually ends up moving to Berlin. The idea for the song came up as Keenan (Drummer) had moved to the Camp Street house and we were joking that all of his housemates had moved to Berlin. The idea stuck when we jammed it out and we built the song around that pre-chorus line. It also touches a bit on the idea of emigrating to try and “make it” as an artist. Berlin is “Berlin” because it is one of the last scenes outside of London that might sustain a working musician. It’s disappearing in front of us and it’s kind of sad that we can’t seem to sustain a scene practically anywhere else in the world. Hence “cut adrift and I can’t go back”.

Enjoy a listen to “Berlin” now below and find the album available to buy or listen to at Bandcamp.

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