Oakland-based indie rock band FREQz will release their debut album, Grizzly Peak, on June 7 and have recently let go the album’s lead single, “All Of The Days.”

It’s a smooth and charming slice of dream pop with a lush shimmering polish and quality, that shines with the delightful melancholic hum of bands like Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian. The lovely vocals of Nelda Kerr are a seamless blend with the bands 90s-esque instrumentation that is instantaneous and an absolute delight on all fronts.

Speaking on the track, Saario says:

“All of the Days” is about wandering around with no destination, just hoping you’ll meet that person who is walking the same streets as you. You could scour the city looking for someone or something to complete you, but in the end, you’ll find that what you were searching for was right here all along.

Enjoy a listen now below.

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