Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s Lizzie Esau recently returned with her powerhouse new single “Wait Too Late”, one of a series of releases that will come out during the first half of 2024.

It’s a blistering blend of chugging anthemic pop and rock, with a bit of the punch and seductive power of Wolf Alice, with a vibrant nature and energy totally of its own with a blistering chorus that pulls you in before spitting you back out.

Speaking on “Wait Too Late”, Lizzie adds:

“I’ve had this song in my repertoire for a while now and it’s been one that all of us loved. It was just about giving it the right production and the right amount of time to bring the best out of the song. Initially coming up with the repeating synth part that acts as a backbone. At the time we were rehearsing ‘Fools Gold’ by the Stone Roses for a live session, I found the beat of it and the strong tambourine so infectious and a big inspiration for Wait Too Late…”

Enjoy a listen now below.

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