Photos + Article by Will Oliver

The Hold Steady returned to Brooklyn Bowl for their annual four-night run of Massive Nights shows, featuring a different set of openers each night as well as a career-spanning set.

It’s become something of a holiday season tradition in the city, one that I have tried to make each year whenever possible. The Hold Steady have been a reliable live force for a long while, they performed all of their greatest hits, as well as songs from their strong 2023 album, The Price of Progress.

I caught their performance on Friday, December 1st. Find a photo gallery of shots posted below.


  1. The Feelers
  2. You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came to the Dance With)
  3. Constructive Summer
  4. Hurricane J
  5. Magazines
  6. Perdido (feat. The Horn Steady)
  7. Blackout Sam (feat. The Horn Steady)
  8. Sequestered in Memphis (feat. The Horn Steady)
  9. Cattle and the Creeping Things (feat. The Horn Steady)
  10. Family Farm (feat. The Horn Steady)
  11. Lord, I’m Discouraged
  12. The Weekenders
  13. Chips Ahoy!
  14. Cheyenne Sunrise
  15. Stuck Between Stations
  16. Entitlement Crew (feat. The Horn Steady)
  17. Heavy Covenant (feat. The Horn Steady)
  18. Unpleasant Breakfast (feat. The Horn Steady)
  19. Massive Nights (feat. The Horn Steady)
  20. Your Little Hoodrat Friend
  21. Slapped Actress


22. Positive Jam
23. Modesto Is Not That Sweet
24. Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night (feat. The Horn Steady)
25. Killer Parties (feat. The Horn Steady)

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