Photos by Will Oliver

It’s hard to believe that it was 20 years ago that The Darkness released their debut album, Permission to Land. On a personal note, it was a record I found in middle school, through a commercial for the film, The Girl Next Door. From there I bought the album at FYE at my local mall, and soon found myself enjoying all the rock and roll goodness.

On October 18th the band brought the 20th Anniversary celebration to New York for a performance at Terminal 5. Although the band kicked off with the first three songs of the album (“Black Shuck”, “Get Your Hands Off My Woman”, “Growing on Me”), from there the band played the album out of order, working in era b-sides as well.

Frontman Justin Hawkins still hits those high notes and moves around the stage with the utmost confidence and energy, bringing these songs to life with as much fire as you will get from a band’s 20th-anniversary show. He may not be as high-flying as in 2003, but the fact that he did a handstand on the drumkit was enough to wow the crowd all the same.

Find a full gallery of photos from their Terminal 5 performance posted in the gallery below.

The Darkness setlist

  1. Black Shuck
  2. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
  3. Growing on Me
  4. The Best of Me
  5. Makin’ Out
  6. Givin’ Up
  7. Love Is Only a Feeling
  8. Curse of the Tollund Man
  9. Stuck in a Rut
  10. How Dare You Call This Love?
  11. Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Radiohead cover]
  12. Holding My Own
  13. Friday Night
  14. I Believe in a Thing Called Love


15. I Love You 5 Times

16, Love on the Rocks With No Ice

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