Photos + Review by Katie Dadarria

Lucius and Shakey Graves brought their sold out co-headlining show to the Rooftop at Pier 17 on an ideal summer Tuesday night. Both artists had the crowd dancing well into the night, a respite from the chaos of New York life, with messages of community, love, and living in the moment at the forefront.

Lucius dazzled—literally, sequins galore—with songs from the back of their career to their newest release, Second Nature, drumming and dancing both on stage and off. An in-crowd rendition of “Two of Us on the Run” had us in tears, with the crowd sitting on the ground, enthralled and singing along.

Shakey Graves reflected on the inexorable passage of time, and the goodness of community in light of years of seclusion during the pandemic—but it was far from doom and gloom, as he tore through new material from his soon-to-be-released Movie in the Week, in addition to fan favorites. It was a sweaty, beautiful mess.

Find a photo gallery featuring pictures from both performances below, all taken by our photographer Katie Dadarria.


Shakey Graves:

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