The National are back on the road in support of their new record, First Two Pages of Frankenstein, which brought them to the tri-state area for a performance at Westville Music Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut. This was a much more intimate performance in the area than their upcoming big-time show at Madison Square Garden.

The performance drew many of the songs from the new record, which began with the first four songs of the set coming from the record (“Once Upon a Poolside”, “Eucalyptus”, “Tropic Morning News” and “New Order T-Shirt”). From there, the band was off to the races, giving us a handful of the expected greatest hits as well as treating us to more sparsely played rare cuts like “Cherry Tree” (which saw them joined by New Haven’s very own Nick Lloyd), as well as “Green Gloves.”

The band’s new production and stage decision only added to their show, which already feels larger than life thanks to the stage presence of Matt Berninger and the always overwhelming heft of the band’s musicianship.

This was another towering performance from the band who will surely bring their very best and more in a few weeks when they return for MSG.

For now, enjoy a gallery of photos from New Haven and find the setlist posted below.


  1. Once Upon a Poolside
  2. Eucalyptus
  3. Tropic Morning News
  4. New Order T-Shirt
  5. Don’t Swallow the Cap
  6. I Should Live in Salt
  7. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  8. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
  9. I Need My Girl
  10. This Is the Last Time
  11. Green Gloves
  12. Cherry Tree
  13. Alien
  14. Grease in Your Hair
  15. Space Invader
  16. Day I Die
  17. Pink Rabbits
  18. England
  19. Graceless
  20. Fake Empire


21. Weird Goodbyes
22. Mr. November
23. Terrible Love
24. About Today

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