Le Tigre returned for their first tour here in North America for a trio of sold out shows at Brooklyn Steel. We caught night one on July 27, and boy, was did this have the look and physical feel of a very much sold out performance.

The band had every inch of Brooklyn Steel packed, with fans eager to see Kathleen Hanna and co. return to the stage in full force. And that they did, followed by a hilarious and wonderful introduction/stand-up bit from Murray Hill.

From there the band took complete and utter control of the evening, delivering high-energy performances of their still more than timely efforts, punk anthems that speak louder to audiences maybe now more than ever before.

Hanna, Johanna Fateman, and JD Samson were in high spirits throughout the vibrant performance, delivering the anthems with verve and bite, while getting the crowd up to dance with relative ease. There was also a tender tribute and story from Hanna about the recent passing of Sinéad O’Connor which gave us an emotional threshold before the punk rock catharsis.

We wonder what will come next for the band but are just personally happy that we got to see them perform live, something that we didn’t think we’d get to ever say.

Find a full gallery of photos from night 1 of Brooklyn Steel below, along with the setlist.


  1. The the Empty
  2. TKO
  3. FYR
  4. What’s Yr Take on Cassavetes
  5. Hot Topic
  6. Mediocrity Rules
  7. Shred A
  8. On the Verge
  9. Seconds
  10. Get Off the Internet
  11. Yr Critique
  12. On Guard
  13. My My Metrocard
  14. Viz
  15. Keep on Livin’
  16. Eau d’Bedroom Dancing


17. Phanta
18. Deceptacon

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