Wearing these jewelry can resist radiation

By Will Oliver, August 14th 2019 Other

Nowadays, radiation is everywhere. Although most of the electrical appliances are within the safe value, modern people’s work and life need long-term contact with electronic products. In addition to placing plants to reduce radiation, wearing these arabic name necklace jewelry is not only beautiful but also said to be resistant to radiation!

1. Tourmaline

Throughout the ages, tourmaline has been deeply loved by everyone. People not only love its rich colors, but also hope that tourmaline can bring positive energy, improve our health and bring us good luck. The health effect of tourmaline cheap promise rings[ shop here] has become famous. Its three characteristics include natural piezoelectricity with micro-current maintenance to enhance the absorption of human skin, release of far-infrared irritating acupuncture points and the most effective radiation-proof release of negative oxygen ions to purify the surrounding air.

2. Jade

Jade is the king of jadestone and is one of the seven gemstones defined by the world jewelry industry. It is rich in chrome. This element is of great benefit to the human body, especially to clean the skin, enhance cell vitality and activity. Wearing it can brighten the skin while hydrating, and double the anti-radiation of its own mineral purification and the effect on the human body.

3. Sugilite

It has a fascinating purple color, which is rich in various chemical elements. It uses the principle of “human jade mutual rearing”, which allows people to absorb the microelements on the surface to achieve anti-cancer and anti-radiation effects.

4. Opal

The principle of opal radiation protection is similar to that of larimar, both because of its high moisture content. Opal cute necklaces for girlfriend[💕] has a large water content and it absorbs water. Water can effectively reduce radiation, just like putting a glass of water in front of the computer, it is even more effective than putting a pot of plants. Water can interfere with the distribution of radiation in the vicinity, reducing the amount of radiation effectively.

5. Turquoise

Turquoise with pure sky blue color, and texture of pure, fine, solid light clear is the best, followed by apple green and yellow green. Wearing turquoise can greatly benefit people’s physical and mental health, improve immunity, and activate blood circulation. Turquoise contains limonite iron wire, changing the radiation path and expelling the radiation around.

6. Prehnite

Known as the stone of hope. Recruiting money, attracting friendship, calming mind. It symbolizes the spring green willow and is full of the breath of life personalized birthstone necklace(>>⭐🌟⭐<<). Bringing new hopes and confidence to life and creating new opportunities, and people who are dissatisfied with the present status may bring a new turn. It can also increase people’s inspiration when thinking, avoid evil and become a body-protecting stone that is not invaded by external forces, and is regarded as the most cost-effective radiation-proof gem.

7. Olivine

Olivine is named for its green olives. In ancient Egypt, olivine is called “the emerald at dusk” and has the magical power of the sun. It is also known as the “stone of the sun”. Its green light is the light of wealth, which helps to absorb wealth. Olivine is best in rich green or emerald green, followed by golden green and yellowish green. Most of the olivine is formed deep in the earth and is brought to the surface when the volcano erupts, which can drive away the radiation.

8. Larimar

The mineral name of the larimar cheap necklaces is called pectolite. The principle of radiation prevention mainly consists of containing a certain amount of water, which can change the surrounding radiation magnetic field and reduce the amount of space radiation. In addition, it itself contains many elements and minerals, and it also has an effect on the adsorption and attenuation of radiation.

9. Lapis lazuli

The lapis lazuli family necklace is called the jewel of heaven by the ancient Egyptians. It can increase communication and expression and contribute to spiritual improvement. It contains a variety of ores such as pyrite and calcite, releasing certain ionizing radiation and driving away the radiation released by the surrounding electrical appliances.

10. Blue amber

Among the many ambers, blue amber is a special type. It does not have blue color, but only a blue tone. Blue amber has the function of static electricity, absorbs radiation and relieves the symptoms caused by radiation. It is especially suitable for white-collar workers and people who often work with computers. Blue amber can also be used to treat or reduce many diseases and pains, and to calm the nerves.


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