The madman recording maven that is Ty Segall is back at it again with new album Sleeper coming out later this month (August 20) via Drag City.

NPR, who premiered the album stream, got some insight about the album from Ty. I was surprised to hear that Segall was releasing a mostly acoustic album at first, but then when I heard the story behind the album it all made sense to me. Last year Segall lost his father to cancer. He moved out to L.A. to be closer to his sister, and had a falling out with his mom whom he isn’t currently on speaking terms with. I can’t blame the guy for stripping things down and putting his mind to his music.

Any fan of Segall needs to listen to this album immediately. Even if your not, how can you not want to listen to it after reading about the story behind it?

Head over to NPR to check out the stream.

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