Prepared to be hooked in by Australian band Philadelphia Grand Jury’s excellent single “Save Our Town”. It’s synth led, and constructed with a fine hook that will leave you wanting more. Right away your pulled in, and it leaves you feeling warm inside. Try hard not to smile along to this one. It’s quite an excellent little song. It was released in Australia last year, but it’s getting a deluxe edition re-release via Boomtown/Shock, so it’s new to me.

The band just released an appropriate music video for it. Watch that below, after you grab an mp3:

[mp3]: Philadelphia Grand Jury – Save Our Town

The band also has a unique cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”. It’s a crowd pleasure at their live shows, usually ending their set. You can download that as well:

[mp3]: Philadelphia Grand Jury – 99 Problems (Jay-Z Cover)

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