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Wow, so I’m about to “start doing homework” and Rogo from It’s A Rap comes into my room (we’re housemates) and tells me a new Kanye West song leaked. I was completely stunned when he told me there’s a good chance it’s on his new album. He plays it for me and I am even more stunned to hear that Kanye is sampling Bon Iver’s “Woods” (though, I shouldn’t be). It turns out that this is the song that he rapped a cappella style when he visited the Facebook Headquarters.

Apparently someone has the album and played a few of the songs on the somehow still untitled album that’s rumored to have a November 22nd release date.

The song is pretty incredible. It has a bit of 808’s flavor which may turn some people off, but to hell with that. I’m totally immersed in this song right now. The combination of Bon Iver’s auto-tuned folk and Kanye’s innovation create one hell of a beat. He perfectly finds a way to take “Woods” and help give his song a unique sound. There is simply no other rapper out there who is doing what Kanye is doing.

The song was leaked via Your Audio Fix. Props to It’s A Rap Rogo for the quick find.

Unfortunately it’s tagged up, but something tells me that may get fixed this Friday.

[mp3]: Kanye West – Lost In The World

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