Yeah, I’ve posted this song before. I just got a press release about The Tins, and I couldn’t help but post about it. It’s amazing to see a band that you posted about so early on, slowly, but surely, making a name for themselves. It feels like it was just yesterday I saw them playing at my school, testing out the songs that now make up their debut EP.

Their debut EP was released on Netherlands record label V2 Benelux. It’s a major label over there, which is pretty stunning. “The Green Room” is rightfully the first single from the EP, and if you somehow read this blog and don’t know of the song by now, there’s a problem. Not only have I posted it before, but it was also included in my list of top songs of 2010 so far.

The song is like a good wine. It ages well. After more listens I find myself loving it more and more, discovering new things, or connecting to a new lyric. It’s a true sign of a great tune.

I’m really proud of how far these guys have come, and I know their success will continue on.

So if you don’t have it yet, here’s “The Green Room”:

[mp3]: The Tins – The Green Room

The Tins have one show lined up for CMJ so far. It’s on 10/19 at the R-Bar. If you’re attending, be sure to check them out.

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