A radio rip has emerged of a new Sufjan Stevens song called “Too Much”. A Norwegian radio station NRK played the song and now the song is ours to hear.

If you thought “I Walked” was heavy on the electronic side, get ready for “Too Much” (which actually has an effect that almost sounds like the beginning of MGMT’s “Time To Pretend”).

It hit’s with various layers of electronic blips, bloops, claps, all combing to form new waves of sound in Sufjan’s sound. It sounds like Sufjan has summoned an army full of electronic sounds. Even with the heavy use of electronics, the organic Sufjan aesthetic is still there for us.

I’m still absorbing it myself, but it’s pretty clear that “Too Much” is too much to absorb upon first listen. You need to let this one settle with multiple listens. Chances are this one is a grower. I’m pretty impressed with how much depth there is. It’s Sufjan Stevens we’re talking about here though. We shouldn’t be surprised.

Download the radio rip below:

[mp3]: Sufjan Stevens – Too Much

Asthmatic Kitty has uploaded a high quality version available for free download over at bandcamp. Stream it below:

Too Much is the 2nd song on Sufjan’s upcoming album The Age Of Adz, due in stores on October 10th via Asthmatic Kitty. Pre-Order it here.

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