Holy shit, this is just flat out amazing. Cee-Lo Green who most probably know from Gnarls Barkley has given us his new song “Fuck You”, and it’s like I said, it’s amazing. It sounds like an old retro soul classic, while also sounding fresh, vibrant, and colorful. The song is vulgar, not afraid to drop a few lot of fucks and some well placed n-bombs. He tells that girl how it is. If you’ve ever been fucked over, then this song is your new anthem. Blast it when you drive by your ex and scream it out. This song is certainly going to be a hit, but I don’t know how they will get this in on the radio…

“Fuck You” will be off  Cee-Lo’s new album, Lady Killer, coming out later this fall.

Is this song of the year material? I think so. Good luck getting this song out of your head.

[mp3]: Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You

Cee-Lo is willing to give you two more songs (that are probably on the album) for free download. All you gotta do is sign up for his mailing list. You get the albums first single “Georgia” and a song from his Stray Bullets mixtape for free.

I posted the soulful “Georgia” below along with his exciting cover of Band Of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You” (one of my favorite BOH songs), which is also on the album.

Cee-Lo is on fire folks.

[mp3]: Cee-Lo Green – Georgia
[mp3]: Cee-Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Band Of Horses Cover)

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