T.I. is a rapper who I can listen to from time to time. Sometimes his hits just click with me. I am interested to see how King Uncaged will be, since it will be his first studio album since he was released from prison. Two songs from the album hit the net over the past couple of days. Both which will be on the album. “Got Your Back” is the albums first official single from the record, and features guest vocals from Keri Hilson. It really fell flat for me. Seems like it was made to be radio friendly song for the females. Not a fan of this song at all.

“Yeah Ya Know (Takers)” is the other song that surfaced. While it is certainly better than “Got Your Back”, it still leaves me wanting more from T.I. I will say, the instrumentation behind the track is pretty sweet.

Stream both songs below:

Got Your Back (Feat. Keri Hilson)

T.I. – Got Your Back Ft. Keri Hilson by Atlantic Records

Yeah Ya Know (Takers):

T.I. – Yeah Ya Know by Atlantic Records

King Uncaged comes out on 8/17 via Atlantic Records. T.I. also just released a mixtape called Fuck A Mixtape which you can download here.

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