BBC’s Live Lounge provides us with some of the best intimate studio sessions in the music world today, along with sites like Daytrotter and La Blogotheque. One of the reasons I always look forward to a band’s Live Lounge session is because they usually perform a special cover of anothers band song. One of the latest sessions featured indie-folk rockers Mumford & Sons. The London band has been getting a lot of attention on blogs, and after hearing the session, I have to say that it doesn’t come unwarranted.

One of the songs that really caught my attention was their cover of Vampire Weekend’s “Cousins”. They take the song add some folk/country flare and give it a fresh spin. I approve, it wokrks quite well!

[mp3] : Mumford & Sons- Cousins (Vampire Weekend Cover)

Listen to the rest of their Live Lounge Session

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