Yesterday we gave Vampire Weekend’s new video “Giving Up The Gun” a quick preview for you, but now the real thing is here. And, it is GREAT! It is a lot of fun to watch, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Most music video’s bore my to death, but this video had me entertained throughout. All of the guest starts that were casted were great! Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas were hilarious as tennis players, props to both of them.

Vampire Weekend’s friend, Jenny, takes on many different opponents in a weird dreamy tennis sequence that is shot with perfect execution from The Malloy brothers who directed the clip. They make Vampire Weekend look cool and stylish, like a band that has been doing this for years. It still amazes me to see how far along they have come from 2008. Still blows my mind!

Watch the video below, it’s great! :

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