I gotta run down to Terminal 5 right now to catch Julian Casablancas, so I only got a minute to give you guys a quick fix! Hot Chip’s new album One Life Stand is out there, and on first listen it is good but not as immediate as their past albums.There seem to be more “ballads” and songs that rely on textures rather than an album full of “Ready For The Floors.”

However, aside from the songs we are already familiar with (One Life Stand/Take It In) there was one track that jumped out at me immediately and wowed me. It is the fantastic opener “Thieves In The Night”. It is Hot Chip at top form with a slick beat, and vocals delivered perfectly by Alexis Taylor. The band know they are up to something good with “Thieves In The Night”, and it doesn’t take you long to agree with them!

This is how you start an album. Upcoming electronic acts, TAKE NOTE. This is a fucking tune!

[mp3] : Hot Chip – Thieves In The Night

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