Good morning! I got a brand spankin’ new Vampire Weekend song for you guys today! It is “California English Pt.2”, which is the b-side to the “Cousins” single. Like “Horchata” it is different from anything on their debut album, so all the critics who doubted that they wouldn’t change are eating their words! With that said, it is still very Vampire Weekend. The song is a good listen, but it doesn’t really have a climax or a big winning chorus that VW made routine on every other song. So I guess it is a bit on the — safe side? It is only a b-side, but then again one of my favorite VW songs to date “Ladies Of Cambridge” is a b-side. I really like the atmosphere that is created through the looped vocals. It may be one of the most “produced” song of theirs to date. You can tell a lot of studio work went into this one.

All in all, this is a cool piece. I see it more as a track to relax to, rather than a track to rock out to!

It amazes me to see how far Vampire Weekend have come. It was almost 2 years ago that I met them outside of Bowery Ballroom before they rose to fame. A good fella over at XL Recordings promised to send me an advanced promo to review, so once I have that I will eagerly get a review up for you guys!

For now, enjoy the b-side along with your “Horchata”/”Cousins” playlists!

[mp3] : Vampire Weekend – California English Pt. 2 (MP3 Taken Down By Request)

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