photo via Adrian Pehrson

Why are Arctic Monkeys so god damn good? Can’t they just release their singles like a normal band with average b-sides, or just attach some mediocre live performance?

Nope, not the Arctics. They have to go release songs that actually compete with their album tracks for quality. Like the new b-side “Fright Lined Dining Room”. One word can describe it perfectly: Immense.

“Fright Lined Dining Room” may have one of the best bass grooves that I have heard from the Arctics/Nick. It makes me want to go buy a bass right now and learn how to play this bass line. That is a true sign of good music, isn’t it? Really, really, tight instrumentation all around.

I love the dark brooding songs of the Arctic Monkeys. They can really create dense dark work that sounds vastly different from their “expected” range of songs (I Bet You Look Good, Fluorescent), yet there are scattered traces of their other songs.

I totally want to check out this dining room!

This Cornerstone EP is one of their finest yet, right next to Brianstorm, Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?, and Fluorescent Adolescent.

Give it a listen below:

If you like what you hear, preorder the Cornerstone EP!

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