OMG new Spoon. Yeah that is what I screamed too! A new song just hit surfaced above the murkey internet waters, and it is “The Mystery Zone”. It is the 3rd track off of their upcoming new album Transference.

After one listen, I am digging this. Crisp, vibrant, guitar riffs. Britt Daniels lively vocals. There is a mesmerizing organ/synths, over a killer groove created by their always fantastic rhythm section. When all these pieces mesh together, the result is sonic bliss.

Spoon did a great job producing this song, every part of the song comes to life.

The mp3 ends a bit early, but what can you do. For some reason I don’t think this was an “accidental leak”.

[mp3] : Spoon – The Mystery Zone (label asked me to take it down)

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