I never thought I would be able to see Oasis live, especially not this year. However a friend of mine invited me to catch them at the Garden last night and it was a great time. Everyone in MSG was just dying to catch a glimpse of the legendary Gallagher brothers and the rest of of Oasis.

They came on stage with a bang starting with the Definitely Maybe classic ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’. Oasis didn’t slow down their momentum at all going right into ‘Lyla’ and their new rocker ‘The Shock Of The Lightning’. Oasis delivered anthematic performances, getting the crowd into it right from the start. Liam Gallagher just sorta stood around for most of the songs, along with the rest of the band. This has gotten them some complaints that the shows are not engaging. This however didn’t bother me all too much because it was too cool to get to see songs like ‘The Masterplan’, ‘Morning Glory’, and ‘Songbird’ live. Songs off the new album like ‘To Be Where There Is Live’ sounded a lot better live then they do on the album.

Liam’s voice is a bit better, but he is unable to carry the notes where they are oh too familiar in ‘Wonderwall’. The Noel songs were some of the best of the whole night (‘Don’t Look Back In Anger). They ended the show properly with the absolutely awesome classic ‘Supersonic’, and ‘Champagne Supernova’. They ended the whole set with The Beatles ‘I Am The Walrus’ which was pretty good, but I couldn’t help but wish they ended their show with one of their own classics.

Oasis live was an overall good time. Although they just stood around throughout the show, the immense tunes made up for it. I can now say I have seen Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger live. If only I could add Live Forever to that list.

My videos didn’t get saved by my camera somehow. Here is a good one I found:

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